Sunday, February 08, 2009

chore list

February Chores - you think because there is snow on the ground there's no work to do on the farm?? Well, think again! Here's my list this month.

1. finish planning the garden and order seeds
2. work with the collective to see what we are going together and order seeds
3. order chicks and turkeys
4. rebuild hoop house to start growing seedlings in March
5. set up plant light in kitchen to grow micro greens indoors
6. set up plant lights and heater in basement to start seedlings for summer garden
7. make sure all the maple sugaring equipment is clean and ready to go, borrow portable electric drill to put in taps
8. feed and water chickens and cows daily and check on them. clean the stall and add new bedding regularly.
9. keep using meats and vegetables from the freezer, and items from the root cellar and pantry
10. scrape blue cheeses in the cheese cave

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